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We are Kinetic BJJ

BJJ is famous for allowing smaller people to defend themselves and overcome superior strength. We love Brazilian JiuJitsu for kids because while it is a superb defensive system it involves no striking and doesn’t look or feel violent. Also works well for adults and is a great fun way to exercise and stretch your brain as well as your muscles.

The lessons will focus on fun, fundamental skills and building physical confidence.

Adult classes are taught noGi which means we wear shorts or leggings and t shirts or rashguards. The traditional Gi or Kimono is stylish and makes a great workout uniform but noGi cuts down on your laundry challenge… you will thank us later.

We train Monday and Wednesday evenings, see the Class Schedule below for details.

Easy to reach from Old Street, FARRINGDON, Barbican and Angel


Coach Marcus
Coach Adrian

Class Schedule


17:30 – 18:30 Kids beginners  (ages7+)

18:30 – 19:30 Adult NoGi


17:00 – 18:00 Kids Advanced

18:30 – 19:30 Adult NoGi


10:00 kids judo & competition workshops



£15 per session or £69 per month for two classes per week


£12 per session or £100 per school term (price will be prorata if you join partway)

adult program

Our adult BJJ program focuses on sport submission ruleset in noGi.  If you are interested in self defence you can blend these classes with our sister schools Krav Maga lessons.

Childrens program

All coaches are insured and registered with the British Martial Arts and Boxing Association through our parent entity Kinetic Zen. All instructors who work with children have a valid enhanced DBS check and complete safeguarding in martial arts training.

Our Childrens program is a fun and energetic and is focused on high quality small group teaching. We believe in a prioritised approach to teaching, so we pick from a broad spectrum, focusing in on techniques and approaches that genuinely work.

Like to try a kids or adult class for free? Or have questions?